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What Happens In Vegas Hindi Dubbed Watch Online




-- Synopsis. See more » Goofs The license plate on the car is "DU 2." The license plate on the policeman's vehicle is "SDSM." See more » Quotes [first lines] Andy: When you're in Vegas, and there's a bunch of girls on the loose, if you'll pardon the expression... I wouldn't go up to any of them I don't know. See more » Soundtracks Intrada [the car pulling up outside the room] A room with a view. Alternate Versions The original DVD has no intro. The version of the film that is in UK DVD stores for the first time includes the original opening. See more » Frequently Asked Questions User Reviews The only reason why I'm going to give this movie a rating is that it's definitely different from the "same" movies out there. It can be called "puzzling". The movie begins with two strangers who decided to get married in Vegas. As the story starts they are awake in a room where everything seems to be different - the bed is a boat, the curtains are slippery, and there is no carpet - they get dizzy. In this room, there is a couch, a mini fridge, a microwave, and a lamp. They are sleeping in a room that has a different time and place - they are on the moon. Andy and Rita are the two people in the room. Rita is a twenty-one year-old social worker. She works with special-needs kids and volunteers in a park. She is married to a successful businessman who owns a sports bar and goes to parties in Vegas. Andy works in a pet store. Rita and Andy are married. While driving, the salesman saw a police car in their rearview mirror. Andy thought he saw someone who had just robbed him and shot at him. The salesman stated that the police car was just there. When Andy and Rita check into a suite at the hotel they find themselves in a wedding gown. On the way to their wedding ceremony, Rita sees a kid getting beaten by his parents. She tried to save the kid, but she gets hurt and is brought to the hospital. Andy wakes up to find himself married. He knows nothing about Rita's injuries. He reads the wedding vows. Rita wakes up in the room next door and finds



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What Happens In Vegas Hindi Dubbed Watch Online

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